At YANIV PERSY , we experienced huge growth and success very early on after launching in 2013. Being the original at what we do and filling such an important gap in the wedding dress market meant that demand was high. This immediate growth brought with it huge pressure in all areas of the business. It was exciting but could have also – like so many businesses have found- been our downfall. The reason we didn’t crumble in these early years was due to our passion for wedding gowns and evening gowns , hard work and staying true to what made our brand and products so special in the first place. For us, there is no such thing as success without happy customers and quality product and service. This is why we have the stellar reputation we have, and when dealing with thousands of brides in over 58 countries every year – this is crucial.Fr om the beginning we have placed just as much importance on customer experience and customer service as we have on our product itself. Our team are completely invested in what we do and how each woman feels when they talk to them on the phone, on email . The level of passion and dedication in our team is what makes us the proudest also the best uniqueness of our designs

Every product we design is handmade in our Israeli headquarters. With high standards QC and requirements.We have a team of over 32 now and our cutters, seamstresses and design and production team have exceptional experience and skill, particularly with our unique garment construction and luxury delicate fabrics.

We do not believe in huge mass production also we believe a wedding gown must have a fair price and quality . Each gown is made to order once we get brides order and our ready to wear selection is produced on demand. Everything has a purpose for us, including scrap fabric that would normally be wasted in factories. Most importantly, we haven’t lost our passion – it gets stronger. Every facet of the business is always moving forward and we LOVE what we do. Get inspired and excited to buy a Yaniv Persy Wedding dream gown.